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Donate for JAPAN

No expect domestic fundraising in China, I do it myself. During the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake , the state and enterprises launched a large number of fundraising and forcing donations. I didn't donate a penny. The reason is that the using of these donations is not transparent. I can't believe that these funds will not be corrupted--don't tell me that it's good that even 10% funds reach the disaster area and you can donate, that 's you-- but I chose something more meaningful. Now  3.11 Japan earthquake , no government or organization has asked me to donate, but I want to make this step. There is a Chinese proverb that "when you drink water, don't forget the person who digs the well." Many items in my life are made in Japan, and they give me a lot of convenience. Japan has given us so much help, and we should help them within our ability. I trust Google the most. There is already a donation section on Google's special topic page . However, w