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Touched by an American friend

Last month, colleagues from the United States visited and I met a designer, Rich, and we got along very well. I received an email from him recently, which touched me very much.  

May the dead rest in peace and the living strong

I printed a sticker on my car. The Chinese word "天佑中華 汶川加油" means "God Bless China, Wenchuan cheer up" Yesterday was still groggy, so nothing could be added. I watch TV these days than I do a year. I haven't played any games, and the web pages I see are black and white, which is very unaccustomed. However, more than 40,000 people have died. They can no longer play games and can no longer browse the web. And we were just disabled for three days. I even think happiness is sinful. Wenchuan hurt, mourning the country.