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Stories related to user experience design (UED)

I have been paying close attention to UED. Here are a few things I have experienced. If the designer thinks more, these embarrassments can be completely avoided. Freak out after-sales manager He told me he received a user complaint a few days ago, like this: "Liar! the microwave popcorn isn't ready at all! I unpacked it and it was full of hard corn kernels and a pile of oil! Can't eat it at all! I microwave it and caught fire! I spent more than 1,000 yuan to buy a new oven! My oven worked for 5 years and it was burnt by your popcorn! Give me compensation for the loss! ... " The manager was down. He told me and couldn't laugh or cry. Think of users as idiots In the summer of 2004, I worked on user interface (UI) design for a period of time. At that time, the project manager said to me: "Just treat users as idiots." He explained the meaning: Because the user's knowledge and experience are not on the same level, we must consider the dumbe