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History of piracy in China

A few days ago I talked to an US friend Jeff about the history of piracy in China, so I wrote this article. I would like to show the era of piracy of video games and computer software that I saw, from about 1990 to the present.

1990-1995 China's folk computer technology originated around 1990. Before that era, the most pirated was NES (the American version of Famicom). I went through the Atari 2600 period but I was too young. Now it is speculated that the 2600s are original because the market is too small.

Piracy of the NES has continued to today. Yes, you can still buy various NES copycats and games in China today.

Compared with the massive pirated NES, Genesis as the main competitor of NES, there are fewer pirated cartridge. Because Genesis's market share in China is too small.

These early pirated NESes all came from Taiwan, and were later copied immensely by China. Chinese parents are very reluctant to buy game consoles for their children, so during this period, some "…

Bought Google's third son

Switch from Nexus One to Nexus S, then Galaxy Nexus. Should Google give me a prize? 😁

GN looks beautiful, the screen is much larger, but the touch is average. The black screen of SAmoled is outstanding, but it has graininess and high contrast. The overall screen performance is not as good as NS.
The hardware is of course improved, and the battery life is good.

In short, GN does not give people a stunning feeling, it is just a regular upgrade of NS. Looking forward to the fourth son this Christmas!

The Red Scarf

"The Red Scarf is a corner of the national flag, dyeing with the blood of martyrs." On June 1st, 1988, as the first group of honorable young pioneers in the first grade of primary school, the teacher said this to us.

So there was a bloody scene in my mind: There were dye tanks on the ground, and martyrs stood in line. Each martyr walked to the front of the tank, his arm was cut, and blood flowed into the tank. Bandaged when the blood was about to run out, the next martyr was cut and continued to bleed...
Another group of workers has to do the work of cutting the national flag. Each national flag can make three red scarves--see the picture, the upper left corner is not available, because it is not good to cut to that or the people--Finally, the cut flags was put into the dyeing tanks and then dried to make a red scarf.

My feeling at the time was:
It's so tough to be a martyr, you have to be caught and bleed to make a red scarf when you return from the battlefield.A nation…

Donate for JAPAN

No expect domestic fundraising in China, I do it myself.

During the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the state and enterprises launched a large number of fundraising and forcing donations. I didn't donate a penny.
The reason is that the using of these donations is not transparent. I can't believe that these funds will not be corrupted--don't tell me that it's good that even 10% funds reach the disaster area and you can donate, that 's you-- but I chose something more meaningful.

Now 3.11 Japan earthquake, no government or organization has asked me to donate, but I want to make this step.
There is a Chinese proverb that "when you drink water, don't forget the person who digs the well." Many items in my life are made in Japan, and they give me a lot of convenience. Japan has given us so much help, and we should help them within our ability.

I trust Google the most. There is already a donation section on Google's special topic page.
However, when I started…

Made Google carbody stickers

Made two stickers, support Google! Very eye-catching…So had the following conversation:
"How much did Google pay you for advertising it this way?"
---- Print shop owner
"What does this mean? China Mobile?"
---- Delivery colleague (he saw the same Google logo on my phone)

"Are you showing this to Google's satellites?"
---- Industry colleagues
"Google quit China, are you calling it back?"
---- Car store owner

My answer was: "No, I welcome it to leave, don't suffer in this land." (It's not "Google quit China", but "China quit the Internet".)

In Google We Trust

I was busy all day until I found a list of articles in Google Reader during dinner, all about Google's quit from China. has redirectd to

This day should have come long ago. If Google compromises, then we have made the wrong choice.
Now what can we do besides cheering Google? Google is indeed our Google!

Even if Google is blocked, we will, must, able to use Google.

Extended link: The following links have been blocked in China.
Mainland China service availability
Google quits China, vilify campaign begins

Honda: rejects mediocre

At its core, Honda is a rebellious and alternative company. It is reluctant to follow the mainstream and disdain to play the second best in the market in order to be safe. However, its success is not inferior to Toyota whose personality is quite different.

Since 2002, Honda's operating income has increased by about 40%. Not only that, its operating margin of 7.3%-9.1% is also rare in the automotive industry. A report released by Honda on January 30 this year showed that In 2007, its global production and sales both set a new record. Among them, the sales of automobiles reached 3.767 million and the sales of motorcycles reached 13.476 million, with year-on-year growth rates of 6% and 7% respectively.

The lean manufacturing and the spirit of continual improvement process are considered to be the key to Toyota's success. So, what are the underlying factors of Honda's success?

Mountain climbing from the best route It should be said that Honda and Toyota, which are also deeply …