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Good will be rewarded with good

What I am about to write below is a magical story in my life. It has always encouraged me. Occasionally I think of it, and now I record it in detail here. In 2004, I started living in Tianjin , a city in northern China. My ex-girlfriend at the time was a kindergarten teacher. One evening she came to me in a big anxious, saying that their kindergarten was going to hold a sports event the next day, and there was some sewing work left to do, but she didn't have a sewing kit on hand, so she came to me to figure out what we can do. A common sewing kit in China,  not easy to bought because it is too inconspicuous At that era, shopping was not as convenient as it is today. There was no sewing kits in the small stores nearby. Finally I decided to take her to the largest Carrefour  supermarket in Tianjin, thinking that there would be sewing kits for sale. It was a slightly longer cab ride, and by the time we arrived at Carrefour it was about 9:30 p.m. The lights were half out at the superma