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Memory of the street popcorn

In China, when we were young, there was a profession called popcorn workers. They make popcorn for kids.

We provide rice or corn, pay worker processing fees (usually a few cents in the 1980-90's).
Worker put rice into a sealed metal pot, mix rice with sweetener then heat. When the pressure reaches a value, the worker kicked the pot open, with a loud bang, the air is full of yummy flavor, done.

Mythbusters also have a episode of this., but they did not use a sack when the pot was opened.

It is so delicious and cheap,  the joy of all kids. We often line up.
Of course this popcorn is very rare now.

When I was in primary school, I had a master named "HaiLong". We lost contact for years.
I called him "master", not because he taught me Kung Fu, but he is older than we are, he lead us play also to protect us.

His father is a popcorn worker, sometimes to our district to work, I can see him.
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