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Deserter in June

That year, also in June, I was working for one of the three major American media companies based in Beijing. It was an eventful spring. It started at the beginning of the year with the visit of President Bush Sr. to China and then the death of the China communist leader ...... By one night in early June, the eventful spring was finally marked with a huge exclamation mark, and an even bigger question mark. I was still a Chinese citizen at that time. The next morning, I was busy looking for my boss: I couldn't stay in the danger place, I wanted to resign, I wanted to wipe my feet and leave. I didn't realize that my boss was looking for me too. He said that there was one of our Australian cameramen and his British recording assistant in the Beijing Hotel who had just filmed some very important contents. The boss said he wanted me to go and get this material myself, instead of sending the 20 or so interns from the broadcasting school who were working under me. This was a dilemma

Peace belongs to Ukraine

War, is anti-human. No sane country, or government, or group of people, should have war as a priority. The current Russian government, it seems, is still of the communist persuasion. As a country that has been scourged by it, Ukraine is well aware of communism. It is funny that Russia claims that this invasion is to "de-communism" Ukraine. A few years ago, I met a Ukrainian lady who made a big impression on me. I still have the wrapped ribbon she gave me, the blue and yellow ribbon reminds me of her and her brave country every time I see it. I also know some Russians, and I know how they live and how they think about their country. I just want to say that communism should have been eliminated from humanity a long time ago. But there are still some crazy countries that love it. My prayers are with Ukraine tonight. P.S.:At this moment when the whole world is condemning and sanctioning Russia, China announced its agreement to import Russian wheat. What a great pair of commie bro