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What I experienced during this COVID-19 epidemic

A Chinese woman wears a protective mask in Beijing, Feb. 3. PHOTO: KEVIN FRAYER/GETTY IMAGES Original article  of this pic and I did not feel offended Although there is a lot to write about the coronavirus, I just talk about what I have experienced and thought about during this COVID-19 epidemic. 1. News Sources Do not get news from Chinese Internet. China has always been very strict with information control, and it has become stricter in recent days. The latest speech censorship laws came into effect on March 1. Several of my friends' WeChat or SNS accounts have been banned. For a long time, I am almost silent on Chinese Internet. Fortunately, I have always been freedom to access the Internet. In mid-December 2019, I heard that patients were infected with unknown pneumonia. Several of my relatives who are doctors have confirmed this. I reminded my friends in Wuhan, the center city of the epidemic, and did not make it public. Because at the same time, eig