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An education my Dad gave me

It was a childhood event that I would never forget, a big impact on me.

When I was about 12 years old, my family moved to the west of the city. There is a lot of land there, and each household has been allocated a small piece of land to grow various vegetables. Many Chinese people love to grow vegetables, right?
My family grows coriander, lettuce, carrot and spring onion.

Although I looked like a obedient kid, I was actually naughty. Once I with kids ran to other vegetable land, picked some eggplant and beans.
Almost all Chinese children did this kind of thing when they were young. Of course now I know this is not right. But at that time it seemed that everyone thought it was not a serious matter.
Why do I pick other's vegetables? I forgot what the reason was, but definitely not because of hunger or affordability. Because it's fun? maybe. Anyway, I picked some and put them in my clothes and took them home.

I went home and said to Dad, "Dad, look, we can cook eggplant and …