Touched by an American friend

Last month, colleagues from the United States visited and I met a designer, Rich, and we got along very well.
I received an email from him recently, which touched me very much.

He solicited tents in the United States to donate to the Sichuan disaster area.
He hoped I could help him find a recipient.

Besides gratitude, what else can I say? Rich, please rest assured that I will take responsibility for this matter to ensure that it is delivered to the victims. Give me some time.

The follow-up to this matter is bad.
I posted a description of the matter on a local portal in the disaster area, and for a few weeks no one responded.
All my friends who went to the disaster area also returned.

So I had to call the number of the Red Cross in the disaster area with a little hope. The person across the phone told me coldly:
"No tents, just money!"

I can not do anything. Sorry, Rich.
I will not forget this. I think you are the same.


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