Peace belongs to Ukraine

War, is anti-human. No sane country, or government, or group of people, should have war as a priority.
The current Russian government, it seems, is still of the communist persuasion.
As a country that has been scourged by it, Ukraine is well aware of communism.
It is funny that Russia claims that this invasion is to "de-communism" Ukraine.

A few years ago, I met a Ukrainian lady who made a big impression on me. I still have the wrapped ribbon she gave me, the blue and yellow ribbon reminds me of her and her brave country every time I see it.

I also know some Russians, and I know how they live and how they think about their country.

I just want to say that communism should have been eliminated from humanity a long time ago. But there are still some crazy countries that love it.

My prayers are with Ukraine tonight.

P.S.:At this moment when the whole world is condemning and sanctioning Russia, China announced its agreement to import Russian wheat.
What a great pair of commie brothers! 👎


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