Made Google carbody stickers

Made two stickers, support Google! Very eye-catching…So had the following conversation:

"How much did Google pay you for advertising it this way?"
---- Print shop owner

"What does this mean? China Mobile?"
---- Delivery colleague (he saw the same Google logo on my phone)

"Are you showing this to Google's satellites?"
---- Industry colleagues

"Google quit China, are you calling it back?"
---- Car store owner

My answer was: "No, I welcome it to leave, don't suffer in this land."
(It's not "Google quit China", but "China quit the Internet".)


  1. 拉风~ 记得很早有个车牌是 google 忘了是哪个国家的了。相当酷。

  2. 我怎會不記得!!哈哈!!

  3. 出差真不錯, 我昨天都跑到他家樓下了. :D


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