Good will be rewarded with good

What I am about to write below is a magical story in my life. It has always encouraged me. Occasionally I think of it, and now I record it in detail here.

In 2004, I started living in Tianjin, a city in northern China. My ex-girlfriend at the time was a kindergarten teacher.

One evening she came to me in a big anxious, saying that their kindergarten was going to hold a sports event the next day, and there was some sewing work left to do, but she didn't have a sewing kit on hand, so she came to me to figure out what we can do.

A common sewing kit in China, 
not easy to bought because it is too inconspicuous

At that era, shopping was not as convenient as it is today. There was no sewing kits in the small stores nearby. Finally I decided to take her to the largest Carrefour supermarket in Tianjin, thinking that there would be sewing kits for sale.

It was a slightly longer cab ride, and by the time we arrived at Carrefour it was about 9:30 p.m. The lights were half out at the supermarket and the broadcast announced that it would be closing soon.

We were anxious and sweated, still couldn't find the sewing kit. We searched all over the tools and bedding area and the staff confirmed that there was indeed no sewing kit.

The scene at that time looked like this.
Even today, it is not always possible to find a sewing kit for sale.

However, the staff said that her home is not far from here, and if we could wait for her to get off work, she could go home and get some sewing tools back.

We were so embarrassed for disturb her, but there was really no other way we could do.

Around 10pm, she got off work. She didn't even bring the phone that day so we couldn't contact, just relying on the trust.

We stood in front of Carrefour waiting for her.

She came back in about half an hour with some sewing tools. We were extremely touched. She said there was no need to return it to her because the value of these stuff was not worth the travel.

Also, she didn't give us her phone number. Her warm heart made us warm too.

Girlfriend hurriedly returned to the kindergarten and worked with colleagues all night, and successfully holding the next day's event.

After the event, my girlfriend and I thought we should write a letter of appreciation.

That day, we took the appreciation letter and came to Carrefour again, looking for that staff in the bedding area.

At that time, we both saw a group of people in formal suits were near us, like managers, with a few foreigners among them.

I'm sorry I couldn't find a similar picture.
But that scene is deeply imprinted in my memory.

One of them also saw what we two were looking for, so he came over and asked me.

I said: "We are looking for the XX staff in the bedding area and want to give her this appreciation letter, because she helped us......"

The man's eyes lit up.

He said: "She is rest today and is not here now. But you can give this letter to us, and I guarantee she will receive it. This is Mr. XX from Carrefour headquarters, who happens to be visiting today."

OMG. This is great. Really great!
We actually delivered the appreciation letter directly to the big boss!

After listening to their explanation in French, the foreigner said "xiexie" to us, and then kept the letter.

Carrefour, Baidi Road, Nankai District, Tianjin.
This magical story happened here.

A few months later, we went shopping at that Carrefour again and the staff was no longer there. It is said that she was promoted.

My girlfriend wrote down that foreigner's name and searched on the Internet, the result was the CEO or chairman of Carrefour. 

This is one of the amazing things in my life.

Eight years later I moved to this Carrefour neighborhood. I often went shopping, although I never saw that staff again, the experience has always encouraged me. 

There is a proverb that every Chinese knows: “善有善報,惡有惡報。” in English it is: “Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil.”

I believe in this proverb. 

Some day I will write another experience of the same kind. :)


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