An education my Dad gave me

It was a childhood event that I would never forget, a big impact on me.

When I was about 12 years old, my family moved to the west of the city. There is a lot of land there, and each household has been allocated a small piece of land to grow various vegetables. Many Chinese people love to grow vegetables, right?
My family grows coriander, lettuce, carrot and spring onion.

At the time, each household had such a small land

Although I looked like a obedient kid, I was actually naughty. Once I with kids ran to other vegetable land, picked some eggplant and beans.
Almost all Chinese children did this kind of thing when they were young. Of course now I know this is not right. But at that time it seemed that everyone thought it was not a serious matter.
Why do I pick other's vegetables? I forgot what the reason was, but definitely not because of hunger or affordability. Because it's fun? maybe. Anyway, I picked some and put them in my clothes and took them home.

I went home and said to Dad, "Dad, look, we can cook eggplant and beans tonight." (I imagine Dad would praise me on the way home)
But Dad glanced at the vegetables and asked me: "Where did these vegetables come from?"
I was at a loss and answered: "I bought them at the market." (I thought Dad should praise me now --I can help parents buy food!)
Dad smiled and asked me: “How much is it per kilogram?”
I was dumbfounded.

Dad said:“You pick these vegetables in other people's land. We cannot eat them even if we starve to death. Whose land did you pick from?”
I can only be honest.

Then, Dad took me and the vegetables to the neighbor's house to apologize. The neighbor uncle laughed, he forgave me with his generous. He said that naughty kids are not a big deal, he would give me vegetables for free if I want, just ask him directly. But I should not lie to my Dad.

Later I asked Dad how he knew I was lying?
Dad said that the vegetables I picked were not enough for one meal. And there are big and small, if it is bought in the market, it should be the same size.

“Although the uncle said it could be given to you, you should buy it at the market if you want to eat it. Don't bother others easily.”

My father is a traditional Chinese man. As I grow up, we also have many different views, but this event will affect my life.
I encountered many opportunities in the process of growing up to give myself improper wealth, but I did not do it once.
If I did, I might now live in a villa in a developed country, or in a China prison, or live on the blood of others. --I don't want the last two endings. If the first ending cotains improper wealth, I don't want it either.
Man should not create his wealth based on the pain of others.


Later I was chatting with one of my airbnb hosts, Mr. Walter, while traveling in the United States. He is a traditional American. I talked with him from this story to the history of piracy in China and the status of IT. We have a lot of consensus and it is an pleasure to chat with a gentleman like him.
In the future I can write about Mr. Walter in detail when I have time. He worked in China for a few years and knows China well.

I am also ready to write an article about the history of piracy in China, which is interesting. I don't think Americans have such an experience. :p


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