Plan to create a daily update channel

I've been writing about the things I've seen and experienced in China, with the purpose of revealing a real China to the world, especially the parts that don't get reported.

However, with less time available to me and my increasing tendency to write longer articles, along with the low profile I must keep for safety, there are infrequently updates on this blog.
But recently I've had some new changes and ideas.

It takes days to write a long article, but almost every day there are something new about China that I think it should be worth showing to the world.

Maybe I can create a new channel dedicated to this type of short content.
That I can take the time to write long articles, and do some timely, short daily content updates.

If I post these contents here, I worry that it will dilute the style of this blog. Just as I didn't move the journal content from my old blog over.

So my plan now is to create a new twitter account, perhaps under a different name, to post content that is not seen in the official Chinese media, and showing what most Chinese people think.
Of course I will translate the content into English, in order for the world to know China, the Chinese Communist Party and most Chinese people.


  1. I think this blog would be a good place to write of your and other Chinese experiences in China to give us an understanding of the different oppressions the Chinese are experiencing. Of course I understand that each area of China might experience local oppression differently and we might not get a conclusive understanding from several account.

    1. Thank you Chuck. The most oppressed people in China can't make their voices, much less overseas. China needs to be more transparency, that's what I always say.


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