Kongrong share the pears

His name is Kongrong, 4yrs old. He has five big brothers and a young brother.
One day they eating pears at home, brothers let Kongrong take it first, but he chose the smallest one. His father was surprised and asked,"Why did you take the smallest one?" Kongrong answered "Because I am the youngest, the biggest one should be for the elder." His father asked again,"But you have a younger brother, you are older than him." Kongrong replied, "I am older than him, so I should leave the bigger one for my young brother."
On hearing these words, his father was satisfied with his answer and smiled happily. What a good boy Kongrong. Children should learn from Kongrong.
Kongrong share the pears

This is a well-known story in China. Everyone was educated in this story when he was a child. Because I have no independent thinking at that time, so the teacher said Kongrong is a good boy, then he is.

Now I think that Kongrong has inconsistent, confused values.
And he denied the right to choose of others.
Unfortunately, there is "standard answers" in Chinese education. If I give the words above as my answer, the teacher will judged it as error.

Lies are made in such ways.

Recently discussed this topic with a friend, we have a consensus:
Pears on the table, who likes to eat takes their own.

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