Kindle book list a year

Kindle has purchased 1 entire year.
Although at that time I spent a Bitcoin (later a Bitcoin can buy 5-10 units), I still think it is worth. Because kindle changed my lifestyle and thinking habits, these are priceless.
Initially expected to be read 20 books, and now it's more.
This is the best electronic device I have in recent years, satisfaction over Xbox and any Nexus phone.
Anytime, anywhere, simple, pure, extreme.
Sum up this year's book list: (* for recommended personally):

* I'm on the information superhighway of US
* Wisely Collection
Zheng Yuanjie Collection, Shuke & Beita
The Three Kingdoms
My seven-year career in the underworld
Sand Monk Diary
Figure the world: mystery of the Earth, The Lost Civilization

Translated into Chinese:
* The Lost World
* 1984
* The Shortest History of Europe
* Decision Points
* Inflight Science:a Guide to the World from your Airplane Window
The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
The Kinsey Report
Total Recall: Schwarzenegger autobiography
The Most Thrilling Horror Novel in the World
Be a Wizard with Number
The Wolf of Wall Street
Verne science fiction classic
A Guide Through the American Status System
Playing to Wiin: Nintendo and The Video Game Industrys Greatest Comeback
Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
The Interpretation of Dreams
Into The White Night
The Great Gatsby
さよなら! 僕らのソニー
Ego & Id

*The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Django Unchained Script

* Junji Ito Collection
* Small Men That thing
* Mature develop logs
Dragon Ball full volume
Arale full volume
Father and Son
All My Friends Are Dead

...and numerous short stories, magazine, rss news.
Including 4 pirated books, ashamed. Because can't buy in China, or non-electronic version.
The total cost of buying e-books is about 200 yuan, very affordable.
In fact, even if the e-books and paper-books to sell at the same price, I would choose e-books: convenient, easy to manage. I am going to clean up all my paper-books.

God closed the Google Reader, but gave me an Amazon.

For friends who are interested, I recommend purchased Kindle Paperwhite, this is my device. Too high or too low are inappropriate.

Can't listen to music, can't chat, can't see the movie, almost can't browse the Internet. (Yes, these are the advantages)
The ultimate reading experience.
Saving power, about half a month the charging frequency.
Size can just hides in the back pants pocket.
Bookmarks, dictionaries, notes.
Good integration with pocket, can be pushed to kindle from web browser.

Nothing really.

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