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Today, I closed the WordPress blog and back to
I gave up the original domain name for some reasons including privacy considerations.
Now you see a new domain name, but I have not made a decision whether to continue blogging. Now my available time is getting less and less, and only some of the time is on the podcast.

Should I continue to blogging? What to write? There is a lot of content to write in the surrounding environment, but it is difficult to change. I should still try to change myself and vote with my feet.

And privacy is what I have always been concerned about now. I would rather remain anonymous and invisible.
So outside the China GreatFireWall are still an important consideration for me.
I also deleted and intend to delete most of the comments in the original articles, in order to protect the privacy of the commenters.

In the next period of time, I will adjust the parameters of this new blog, delete most of the original articles, and gradually correct the original articles and gradually release them. Moreover, I am thinking of a good name for the blog. :)

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