Dream: Eating the Solar System

After having this dream, I finally decided to start a new blog category for writing down my dreams.

Probably due to my love of sci-fiction and console video games, my dreams are rarely boring. There are often wonderful and imaginative dreams that I feel I should write down.

Early this morning I dreamed I was eating the solar system.

I had some sense of fear of the beautiful deep space, and it's the second time recently that I dreamed I was in deep space.

Jupiter, which is the giant planet, can be played with in my hands. Am I a giant, or am I the Creator?

I took a bite of Jupiter and chewed it in my mouth, the texture was like a boiled egg with little taste, although theoretically it shouldn't be like that---- it wasn't even solid. 

After swallowing Jupiter I ate another planet, I think I remember it was Saturn. I'm such a big eater of cold drinks. 😆

This experience was so unique that I soon woke up, briefly recorded it in Telegram, and went back to sleep.

I recorded some dreams on Telegram and I will gradually add them to this blog.


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