Talking about donations to disaster

On the night of heavy rain in Beijing, I slept well. I haven't followed the news recently because there is no news.

It is said that Beijing is calling on people to donate for the disaster. You see, there is really no news. If North Korea announced that Kim was not the head of state, that would be news.

But speaking of donations, I remember two things a few years ago.


The 5.12 Wenchuan (a city in Sichuan Province, China) earthquake in 2008 when I was working for an advertising company. The company organized several donations, and I didn't pay a penny. Whenever the donation box is sent to our office, I always shake my head with a smile. I still remember the accountant asked me with a slightly ridicule:

-"Why don't you donate?" -"Is it forced?"
-"It's not forced." -"Then I won't donate."
-"Why?" -"I don't believe my money will be used on the right path."

I like this straightforward.
What you think of me is your business. I only do what I think is right. So I just printed a sticker on the bumper of my car.

A few days later, an American friend solicited some tents in his city and asked me to find a local contact in the disaster area to receive them.
I was deeply touched, found the number of Red Cross in Sichuan and called them. But the cold voice made me chill and unforgettable all my life:

"No tents, just money!"

I like this straightforward.


Two years later, on April 14, 2010, there was an earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai Province.
Two years later, I seem to be used to it, so I didn't write any blog this time.

However, this time I worked for a manufacturing company and was working as a department manager. The "hidden rule" of the boss is that the manager must donate more.

The vice boss came over to me with the donation box and I shook my head. He is a relatively gentle person, he asked the same question and I gave the same answer:

-"You don't donate?" -"Is it forced?"
-"Oh ... it's not forced." -"Then I don't donate. I think my money will be corrupted."
-"Come on, donate some, even if half can reach the disaster area."
-"What do you think is the minimum donation?"
-"10 yuan."”

So I took out 10 yuan and stuffed it into the box.
So two days later my name appeared on the bottom of the "Love List" on the wall. Supreme glory.

So the boss smashed the table at the meeting and criticized someone for being "unconscience":
-"Isn't it a shame to donate 10 yuan? It's not enough for the cost of the thanking certificate (sorry, I lost it), you have forgotten the root! You don't know who gave you a good life?"
Yes yes. You Communists really have unique thoughts.

Of course, I didn't give the boss his favorite face.
Of course, my personality guides me to do what I think is right.


No more three. Today, everyone already knows where their original donations went and what them turned into.

Those who rejected, criticized, and despised me should have been awakened.

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